Canyon Springs Timeline


This timeline was created from public records obtained from Nevada County Planning Department & Town of Truckee Records

  • 1970s: Property Zoning per Martis Valley Community Plan: Forest/Agriculture, Open Space, 12-77 units maximum
  • 1980s: Applicant purchases 280 sewer assessments from Truckee Sanitary District & EIR completed for Tahoe Boca Estates & General Plan Amendment Filed. Extensive community input regarding inappropriate density for location. Applicant modifies project due to findings of overwhelming environmental impacts and resubmits project with 87 units
  • 1991-1992: Project denied by Nevada County Planning Commission & appealed to Board of Supervisors. Project approved at a maximum of 87 units with strict conditions, including no further subdivision of residential areas & open space areas. Zoning map changed to reflect loss of open space areas & increased residential density. OS-X & RS 1-X
  • 1993-1994: Truckee incorporates & creates new General Plan Land Use Map & Development Code. Upzones Tahoe Boca property upon request from developer & lawyer. Property now has a .5-1 unit/acre zoning w/ condition that density increases only by 25% of what was approved by Nevada County & will provide 20% affordable housing & a Master Plan will be required for any developments over .5 units/acre.
  • 1996: Tahoe Boca developers file Tentative Map extension for approved project while southern parcel is separated and subdivided. Approved by Truckee Planning Commission-not unanimous vote.
  • 1996: Mitch Legarza separates from T Boca project and subdivides his 70 acres into 3 parcels. T Lashbrook presides over decision & states a Master Plan required for further subdivision.
  • Property changes hands without applications submitted.
  • 2003: Property sold & new application filed for 250 units; Still Called Tahoe Boca Estates: Brian Olson & Paul & Christy Curtis.

New Environmental Impact Report started.

  • 2004-2005: General Plan Update process begins. Tahoe Boca property is off the table for discussion during re-write of General Plan due to an open application. It is unclear who made this decision. No discussion of Tahoe Boca property during entire GP Update process.
  • 2006: Under pressure from Community &/or due Resolution by TC regarding projects & new GP Update timeline, applicants agree to modify project EIR to follow new General Plan, completed in 2005 as well as address items not analyzed in first EIR. Project name changes to Canyon Springs & proposed units reduced to 213.
  • 2007: Property falls into foreclosure. Application closed.
  • 2010: New application filed for Canyon Springs. 177 market rate lots & 8 multi-family, affordable lots proposed.
  • 2011: Canyon Springs Environment Review Period: Zero community workshops. There is unprecedented community concern regarding environmental impacts during DEIR & RDEIR comment periods.
  • 2014: RDEIR Process Begins: New Analysis Sought by EIR Consultants in response to Public Comments on DEIR.
  • 2015: Upon meeting with Town of Truckee on 10/21/15 it is revealed that all utilities will be sized to accommodate development on adjacent Teel Property/aka PRD 2 w/ allocation for 275 residential units & 10 ac commercial.
  • MAP learns that Town has advised PC & TC not to speak w/MAP or public re:             CS project.
  • UPCOMING DATES: November 16 & 17, 2015 Town of Truckee’s First Public Hearing to discuss proposed project since prior to incorporation.