Canyon Springs

Canyon Springs Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) Hearing

Tuesday December 1st at 6pm Truckee Town Council Chambers

CS-Tentative Map Revised 2015

Canyon Springs is a high-density housing subdivision at the eastern edge within the Town of Truckee, CA (adjacent to the Glenshire subdivision). The proposed housing development project is located on a 285 acre parcel, with 203 lots proposed (each approved lot could also allow a secondary dwelling unit, creating in theory 380 new housing units on only 213 acres of developable land, approximately 72 acres are required to be preserve as open space). Projects have been proposed at the site for over 30 years, with controversy surrounding the Loyalton-Truckee Mule Deer Herd which has historically used the site as a migration corridor.

The Town of Truckee released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) in February of 2013, which received 75 comment letters in opposition to the project, questioning the adequacy of the DEIR. In November of 2013, the Town of Truckee held a Town Council meeting to amend the EIR contract for the Canyon Springs Environmental Impact Report. The planning consultants who prepared the DEIR needed more funding to revise the Traffic & Biological chapters, respond to comments and conduct additional analysis. The Planning Center and D/C & E were authorized an additional $120,000 to finish the scope of work for a Revised DEIR.

A year later, September 2014, the Revised DEIR was released for public comments. The comment period closed on November 20th, 2014. The Town received 69 comment letters on the newly revised DEIR, once again questioning the adequacy of the RDEIR and in opposition to the project. Review RDEIR comment letters here.

MAP and Save Open Space Around Glenshire are working together to respond to the proposal and help the larger community understand the impacts this housing development project will create on wildlife habitat, traffic impacts, water quality, air quality and the quiet nature of eastern Truckee. For more information on the Canyon Springs proposal go to the Town of Truckee website. 

September 2015-The Canyon Springs Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) is expected to be released this October. We encourage all concerned organizations, agencies and community members to review the FEIR when it is released and attend the public hearing when announced. To date the Town of Truckee Planning Division has received over 140 letters, primarily opposed to the project identifying inadequate environmental analysis, mitigation measures and unavoidable impacts to our local environment. The Town of Truckee Planning Commission Hearing will be the ONLY chance to make your voice heard, Say NO to SPRAWL!

October 2015- The Canyon Springs FEIR will be released no later than October 28th. The FEIR hearing will be held on November 16th & 17th, a two night hearing. MAP & SOSG will be hosting a Community Update meeting on November 5th from 6-7:30 at the Glenshire Clubhouse.

November 2015- Send Final EIR comment letters to the Town of Truckee, Denyelle Nishimori, Town of Truckee Senior Planner, 530-582-2934. Letters received by November 9th will be apart of the Planning Commission packet. All other letters will be submitted to the public record and available online. Read the Final EIR letter on the Town of Truckee website. Join our organizing efforts, call 530.582.6751 or email

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