PC-3 Public Workshop

PC-3 Commission Workshop SS AD 2-4-14


Last night the Town of Truckee hosted a public workshop for the Planning Commissioners and public to discuss the Planned Community-3/ Joerger Ranch Specific Plan. The focus of the workshop was to educate the community and public on the project and the proposed zoning in the Specific Plan. There is no project proposal at this time. The Joerger family is working to get the zoning approved so that the parcels can then be sold for development. The project is proposing mixed use zoning at the gateway to Truckee (Hwy 267, Brockway Rd, and Soaring Way). MAP presented an alternative zoning plan, which would create 20 more acres of open space at the development site and cluster the future development near existing development. Zoning districts are proposed for four separate quadrants, our alternative would allow for development at only two of the quadrants, allowing two other quadrants to remain as open space and preserve the scenic viewshed along highway 267. There were many issues and concerns raised at last nights meeting by residents and the commissioners. The Town of Truckee plans on hosting a follow up workshop. Stay tuned!

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