Planned Community-1 Approved by Truckee Town Council Aug. 25th, 2014

On Monday August, 25th the Truckee Town Council approved the Coldstream Housing Project proposed by Teichert Inc. At a previous meeting held the Truckee Planning Commission recommended the tentative map option A for approval. A hybrid approach was also suggested at that specific hearing which would create a community park at the end of Deerfield with the road also opened for access into the development after construction. The Truckee Town Council approved Option A (seen above) with the community park addition. The motion to approve the project along with the second reading and additional conditions will be read at a future Town Council hearing in September.

MAP has been working with the PC-1 developers for over 15 years to suggest better land use planning, reduced homes and commercial development and negotiated a transfer fee to fund open space acquisition, restoration of Coldstream Canyon, trails and a workforce housing program. These community benefits will be funded by a real-estate tax-transfer-fee, and a non-profit will be incorporated to manage the funds and execute future projects. Working with the PC-1 developers has been a rewarding process for MAP. We have been able to make sound land use recommendations while also helping to protect the environment that surrounds the project site. Stay tuned for future updates on

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