Planned Community-3

PC-3-2014Joerger Ranch Proposed Zoning (parcel map as of 1/21/2015)

Project Description

The Town of Truckee is currently processing a Specific Plan for the Joerger Ranch Specific Plan (also known as Planned Community-3). The plan area is located at the four corners of the State Highway 276/Brockway Road/Soaring Way intersection and encompasses approximately 67 acres of mostly undeveloped land. Included in the Specific Plan is zoning for a variety of land uses including commercial/retail, office, industrial, residential and open space with portions of the plan area emphasizing region-serving uses and portions of the plan area emphasizing local-serving uses. There is no actual development proposed for PC-3 at this time, the Specific Plan is used for zoning, design guidelines and allowed used for future development.

MAP has been recommending better land use planning, preservation of open space and refined allowed uses at PC-3 for over 15 years. In 2013 MAP commented on the adequacy of the Draft Environmental Impact Report, suggesting a reduction of commercial zoning and preservation of open space at the site.  In 2014 MAP presented alternative zoning to the applicant, recommending the preservation of 23 acres of open space, in order to protect the view shed along highway 267 and a seasonal wetland site. The open space parcel (green in map) will be permanently protected under a conservation easement, donated to the Truckee Donner Land Trust. The alternative zoning and refined allowed uses have been incorporated into the final Specific Plan for PC-3.

Project Status

PC-3 applicants have been working for 17 years on the Specific Plan with the Town of Truckee planning staff. In 2014 the Town of Truckee hosted four Planning Commission hearings and study sessions to allow public comments on the zoning, allowed uses and future development at the site. The final Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report was released in January of 2015. The Town of Truckee had its final Planning Commission hearing on 1/20/15, where the planning commission members recommended the approval of the Specific Plan, Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) and Conditions of Approval. The only item left for Town Staff and Town Council members to discuss for the Specific Plan is the RM (Multi-Family Residential) parcel. The Town anticipates having a the final Town Council hearing for PC-3 in March of 2015.

For information on this project, please contact Denyelle Nishimori, Town of Truckee Planning Manager, at 530-582-2934 or