Plastic Bag Ban for Truckee??

Town of Truckee Explores Reducing Waste with Plastic Checkout Bag Ban Truckee, CA: The Town of Truckee is considering the implementation of an ordinance that would ban all plastic checkout bags and require Truckee businesses to impose a fee on recyclable paper checkout bags. The ordinance’s main intention is to stimulate reusable bag use, and in effect, reduce Truckee’s waste through a dramatic decrease in the consumption of single-use checkout bags. The application of a fee on paper checkout bags will be an incentive for customers to bring their own bags, intending to make the practice habitual. All monies collected by a business under this ordinance will be retained by the business and used to cover their implementation costs. On average, a single-use plastic shopping bag is used for approximately 12-20 minutes before disposing, and despite efforts to expand recycling programs, the Environmental Protection Agency records that less than 5% of single-use plastic bags are currently being recycled. This ordinance has the potential to eliminate the unnecessary waste generated by plastic bags, while also having a 50-80% reduction in the amount of single-use paper shopping bags that are used and thrown away. Other cities and counties that have successfully implemented a ban on plastic bags include San Francisco, Marin County, and also tourism based mountain destinations such as Aspen, Colorado and Telluride, Colorado. The businesses affected by this ordinance and the amount of the fee to be imposed on paper bags have not yet been determined. Before making any recommendations to the Truckee Town Council, Town staff is soliciting feedback from the community. Please take a few moments and complete our brief on-line survey, as a community member and/or business owner, to let us know if you would or would-not support a local bag ban. Community Survey: Business Owner Survey: For more information or to comment, please contact Nichole Dorr, Town of Truckee Recycling Coordinator at or (530) 582-2909.

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