Squaw Valley new proposed Village Expansion

Squaw Valley Holdings is planning a new Squaw Valley Village development on 101 acres of the remaining Squaw Valley parking lot and surrounding land. The development could consist of 1,335 new fractional ownership units including hotels, condo hotels, fractional ownership residential properties and timeshare condominiums. Development plans for Phase 1 can be found at www.squawrenaissance.com website.

Why should I Care? | This development may impact environmental resources of Squaw Valley such as scenic resources, air quality, water quality, night sky, wildlife and traffic.

How can I get Involved? | The Notice of Preparation (NOP) for an Environmental Impact Review (EIR) for the planned Squaw Valley development was released on October 9th. Interested Parties can review the Notice of Preparation along with the Initial Study here

If you are concerned with the proposed development please submit a letter or an email to Placer County. NOP comments are due by November 9th by 5 pm and can be emailed to cdraecs@placer.ca.gov

Comments should be written focusing on potential environmental impacts that a development of this scale could have on natural resources and the community character of Squaw Valley. Topics for the NOP letters should focus on the following environmental impacts that the development could pose:

  • Land Use & Forest Resources
  • Population, Employment, and Housing
  • Biological Resources
  • Cultural Resources
  • Visual & Scenic Resources
  • Transportation, Traffic and Circulation
  • Noise Pollution
  • Air Quality
  • Geology, Soils and Seismicity
  • Water Quality and Availability
  • Public Services and Utilities
  • Hazardous Materials, Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change

Another concern that the proposed development has raised is appropriate land use policies. Squaw Valley has an outdated General Plan which is used to guide development in the Valley and the only plan for Squaw Valley was written in 1983. The plan has not been updated and now KSL is proposing its Specific Plan (which is the land use plan as proposed by the developer) to be adopted for Squaw Valley and guide all new development in and around the village as proposed by the developer not the community. This is of concern to M.A.P. as the community has not been engaged in a public forum to discuss the unique character of the valley and what land use designations are appropriate for the next 20 years. Voice your concern for Squaw Valley by November 9th at 5 pm to cdraecs@placer.ca.gov

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