Truckee Springs

The Truckee Springs property consists of approximately 26.2 acres of undeveloped land in the Truckee River corridor at the western end of South River Street, adjacent to the Truckee River.  The majority of the property is within the Truckee River Master Plan Area and has a zoning designation of Downtown Master Plan (DMP). The remainder of the property has a zoning designation of Public Facilities (PF) and Downtown Single-family Residential (DRS-4). The site has historical and cultural significance for the Town of Truckee. The first snow recreation festivals were held on the site from 1912-1917, the historic ice pond and the Ice Palace were on the site and there are many Washoe Indian artifacts along the site as well. The Ice Palace burned in 1917, but the ice pond remains in-tact.

A proposed summary plan envisions dedication of open space along the Truckee River, restoration of the historic ice pond, five single-family lots adjacent to the current homes on the river, and a potential for either 80 multi-family residential units, 40 single family residential units, or 120 hotel/lodging units at the western end. The Town of Truckee and the applicant team (Robb Wood and Associates, MWA and SCO) are working to create a Master Plan for the site which would create a planning document for the parcels, so that when the property is sold there are allowed uses for the site, design guidelines and restrictions, environmental constraints and mitigation measures for the property. There is NO proposed project for the site currently.

The Town hosted a site tour on 4/30 where the public, the applicant, and the Town planners walked the site to look at the project site and introduce potential development concept plans which will inform the master plan for Truckee Springs. The Town also held the first input meeting that same evening at Town Hall where the public was able to give input for the planning process. The next meeting will be June 4th at the Town Hall Chambers at 6:00pm. The public is invited to attend and give public comments or write comments regarding the project. To view the project summary, concept plans, and environmental studies go HERE

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