Update from the Friends of Squaw Valley and the KSL Village Development

The revised plans for the KSL proposed Squaw Valley Village
development are nearing completion. We understand that there will
first be a revised color rendition sometime this month, and then KSL
will publish the revised Specific Plan. This should be given over to
the County in early January. It is important to remember that KSL,
via the Specific Plan, is now seeking only entitlements for
development, so that the color rendition is only one possible outcome
allowed by the proposed Design Guidelines within the Specific Plan.
But it will provide excellent insight into whatever changes in design
concepts have been percolating these many months.

The Design Review Committee (DRC) has been reconstituted with 3 new
members, and they had their second meeting this afternoon. In the
coming months, they will be analyzing the proposed Design Guidelines
within the new Specific Plan against the 1983 Squaw Valley General
Plan and the 1985 Squaw Valley Design Guidelines.

Chevis Hosea, VP of Squaw Valley Holdings, will be presenting the
revised plans for the Squaw Valley Village development on January
18th, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, in the Olympic Valley Lodge.  Alex Fisch,
the Placer County Planner for the village, will also be present, and
will describe the EIR process. A no-host bar will follow the
presentations with light appetizers.

The event is co-sponsored by the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC and
the Squaw Valley Property Owners Association.

This is an excellent opportunity  to come and hear the revised
village plans as well as to start the ski season mingling with your
neighbors and friends.

Thanks and Happy Holidays
Friends of Squaw Valley

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